Just a quick not to let you know that I made contact with Vladimir, (sjinks), one of the developers of Phalcon.

You will notice that his github profile has been deleted as well as profiles form other social media. This was done on purpose for reasons that I will not expand on.

The key thing is that he is OK and so is his familiy. Hopefully when the tension dies out, he will be able to join us again. In the meantime if I hear anything else I will let everyone know.

Our prayers are with Vladimir, his family and his country.

good to know that he is ok, keep touch with him


He has done a great job on 1.3.0 Hope to see you again soon.


Any clue if he's ever gonna return to Phalcon development?

We hope that he will at some point when things calm down.

At the moment his family and his country are the most important things. ;)

I got an email from him some time ago and he is doing well. That is all I can say at this point.