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Update/Uninstall Phalcon

i want to migrate to phalcon 1.3 but i don't know how to remove or update Phalcon 1.2.6 OS: ubuntu 12.04 x64

Use the regular installation process, the old phalcon.so will be overwritten by the new version.

Current version of framework 1.3.1

git clone https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon
cd cphalcon/build
git checkout 1.3.1
edited Nov '14

is there any way to completely uninstall phalcon on ubuntu 14.04?

edited Nov '14
 # find  / -iname 'phalcon.so' -exec rm -f {} \;

In Ubuntu

$ sudo find  / -iname 'phalcon.so' -exec rm -f {} \;

Then remove it form php.ini or remove phalcon.ini