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Uniqueness validator with soft-delete behavior

Hey there,

I am currently implementing a solution that supports soft-deletes using the native behavior yet also supports a Uniqueness validator that does not return false for soft-deleted rows.

Currently, my replacement validator looks like this:

class Uniqueness extends Validator implements ValidatorInterface

     * @param \Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface $record
     * @return bool
    public function validate($record)
        $field = $this->getOption('field');
        $value = $record->readAttribute($field);

         * Don't validate this on UPDATE operations
         * @todo Implement some check for UPDATE, too, as this could lead to duplicates after edits.
        if ($record->getOperationMade() != 2) {
            if ($record->count(
                        'conditions' => $field . ' = ?1 AND deleted = ' . Model::NOT_DELETED,
                        'bind'       => [1 => $value]
                ) >= 1
            ) {
                $this->appendMessage($this->getOption('message'), $field);
                return false;
        return true;

However, I do not know how to change my current dirty-hack (check operationMade) for UPDATE to allow soft-deleting existing records that would trigger a "...already exists" otherwise. Is there a way to see if the soft-delete behavior is invoked?

Thanks in advance!

Best, Philipp

Hello Philipp.

Did you manage to solve this?