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How to append sort by a field in phalcon relationship?

I have a situation where I want to sort my video blogs by recent upload and views i.e either sort by recent or sort by views. I tried the below code but now I have no idea what to do next?

     $category = VideoBlogCategoryModel::getVideoBlogCategoryBySlug($categorySlug);
     $category->getVideoBlogs(); // This is the relationship

Initialize function:

        // Configure relation with VideoBlogModel
        $this->hasMany('id', VideoBlogModel::class, 'category_id', array(
            'alias' => 'videoBlogs',
            'foreignKey' => true,
            'cxAction' => static::ACTION_CASCADE_DELETE,
            'params' => array(
                'order' => 'created_at DESC'

How can I do something like$category->getVideoBlogs('order','views DESC') ** or** $category->getVideoBlogs('order','created_at DESC') ?

From the initialize function you can see I already have an order param which is fetching the video blogs in descending order however I want it dynamic so that I can pass something like order by views as I mentioned above.

My Ajax:

    // Sort By Recent and Views Feature
        // loading bar
        parameters.sort = $(this).val();

Sort by dropdown:

        <li class="list-inline-item">
            <span>SORT BY: </span>
            <select style="border:0px;" class="cx_sort_video">
                <option> RECENT</option>
                <option> VIEWS</option>


You almost had it:

$category->getVideoBlogs(['order'=>'views DESC']);