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Volt extends from virable


I am trying to use the extends function in volt, but with a virable the referes to the file. But it wont allow me to do so:

{% extends virable %}

I also tried to do:

{% extends "template.volt" %}

{% include("page.volt") %}

Is there any workaround with this?

Hmm, I remember doing something similar way back - but you have to take into account that Volt engine is compiled first - then your PHP logic AFAIK. I remember it was fairly difficult to achieve what we needed for the project - but I managed at the end. The thing is you have to prepare it to "listen" for the variable value at runtime as the variable is N/A at compile time.

I'll try to find that example which would shine some light on this more than just my words.

That would be great thank you!

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Well, it turned out it's not what you need.

I have tried to modify it a bit and use it with extends or include Volt syntax, but no luck. It just won't accept it - it breaks. It seems that part is fixed and unchangable at user level.

I have stumbled upon this thread though: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38138018/phalcon-extends-volt-with-variable-any-other-way-to-make-that-work

Try to ping @nikolay-mihaylov (https://forum.phalcon.io/user/4153/nikolay-mihaylov) as examples he provided at SO do not work.

IMHO your best route is using partials for this. e.g. https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/2200/does-volt-have-something-like-request-ajax-extends-like-twig-#C7697

Last but not least - this is also something interesting to make a proof of concept: https://docs.phalcon.io/3.4/en/volt#extending-extensions

With extensions the developer has more flexibility to extend the template engine, and override the compilation of a specific instruction, change the behavior of an expression or operator, add functions/filters, and more.

Whenever it is possible to override this specific keywords - is something to be verified.

Thank you for spending your time trying to find a solution for my problem.

I will look into the links you sendt me, and maybe find an other way to solve my problem, in this case without volt extends.