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What's the best way to allow the user to edit his content?

Hello guys. I did my ACL and Auth Middleware and ran into a problem. I whant to allow the user to edit his content. But how will it be correct to obtain information that this content is the user's content?

For example, I get the userId from the Session in Middleware and transfer it to my Acl to check the access.

Next, I want to transfer it to the controller's action... And how can I do it right (transfer user data to controller)? How can I make a universal check whether the content belongs to the user?

Thanks in advance!

edited Feb '19

Thanks for your answer. I'm sorry, but is it the optimal Phalcon-solution? Are you seriously?

I did not mean the code on Zephir -- only the php-code applicable in conjunction with the Phalcon. A bunch of Middleware, Acl and Controller, I mean.

edited Feb '19

All right then :)

I can easily complete my task, but I understand that my decision will not well. And how can I do it correctly?

For example, how to correctly transfer data from the (auth) middleware to controller?

Anyway, thanks for the reply!