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Getting Phalcon 3.4.2-7

Since problems I have on my site may be solved in Phalcon 3.4.2-5 or later, I would like to update Phalcon. I used to do that by cloning the cphalcon git repository and running the install script, but that would now get me version 4.0.0 Alpha. Since there is no RPM for CentOS 6, I don't see another option, but to use the git repository.

I checked the tags in the repository, and there is v3.4.2, but that one is probably the version I have installed right now that has the problems with OpCache. There is no tag v3.4.2-7.

Is there a way for me to install Phalcon 3.4.2-7, given these constraints?

That doesn't solve my problem, as there are several 3.4.2 versions. The latest one of these is 3.4.2-7, which I need, as the first 3.4.2 version has problems.


It shows how you can clone every version of the repo. You mention if you clone now you get v4. If you need specific commits you can use —commit sha. What do you mean with 3.4.2-7? Phalcon 3.4.2 with Php7? Latest stable release of phalcon is 3.4.2 there are no -5 or -7 sub releases as far as I know.

Yes, these sub releases are there. You can access them with package managers like apt and yum. Take a look at this phalcon/stable page on Packagecloud. At the bottom there's the list of packages, here for CentOS 7, and you can see the sub release numbers. For 3.4.2 there are sub releases 1 - 7.

I see there's a tag v3.4.3 now in the git repository, that would allow me to get the newest version. Will try tomorrow.

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Phalcon 3.4.2-7 is implemented as an extension written in C in order to optimize performance. This is intended to increase the speed of execution and reduce the use of resources in order to handle more requests per second than comparable frameworks written mainly in PHP. What do you dislike?

A disadvantage of this approach is that administrative access (root) is required on the server in order to install Phalcon 3.4.2-7 by building a custom binary or using a precompiled one.