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JSONB support for Query\Builder using Postgresql

Hey all! I'm trying to use Postgresq's JSONB features inside of my Query\Builder.

I have the following code:

(new Builder())
        ->addFrom('MyModel', 'mm')
            'name' => 'mm.name',
           'data' => 'mm.data->0'

Wich results in the following exception to be thrown:

Syntax error, unexpected token >, near to '0 AS [data] FROM [MyModel] AS [mm]', when parsing: SELECT mm.name AS [name], mm.data->0 AS [data] FROM [MyModel] AS [mm]

When using raw SQL everything works as it's supposed to.

     'SELECT mm.name AS name, mm.data->0 AS data FROM public.MyModel AS mm'

I rather not write raw SQL queries every time I need to use Postgresql's JSONB features. Any good solution or workaround for this?