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How long until version 4's stable release?


I'm starting to learn Phalcon, but am stuck between going with version 3.4 or 4.0-alpha documentation... If the stable version of version 4.0 will be here in like 1-2 months, I rather start with the version 4 since the beginning to not mix things up in my head.

Can anyone please give an estimation?

Also, does alpha-2 version cover enough code to start learning it now?

Thanks in advance.

I don't know if there are a deadline, but you can check this progress

You can start with 3.4 and then migrate to 4.0

Well, lots have changed in 4.0 and due date is unknown at present. Of course it's an F/OSS project so release depends on many factors.

IMHO you better start with 3.4.x series if you need to deliver something on a stable ground and rather soon. But since you're a Phalcn newbie - you could also start with 4.0.x series, in case you don't need to deliver a project soon or so.

Basic things works very well in Phalcon4, just to start learning. Just skip ODM, because it is officialy not supported. I have done migration just by fixing some models/overrides and from v3 to v4 no problem at all.

it is better to start learn v4 because a lot of stuff fixed to use patterns and psr for modern world.

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Thank you very much for the replies, I need to deliver something in 3-4 months so no rush, but I'd really like to start learning with version 4 if it might become stable soon

Is it possible for some one in the team to kindly give a mere estimation for v4.0 first stable release based on his personal opinion?

I'm not on the team, but I wouldn't hold my breath for v4. It'll come eventually, but I think it's still many months away. I'd go with v3 if you need something in 3-4 months.

Hi, Alpha 5 is out and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the roadmap of v4 . Do you think the final v4 stable version will be available soon?

Probably not any time soon. There are unlimited alphas, then betas (which, despite common practice does not mean suitable for production), then the stable will come.