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Devtools documentation

Hi, I'm starting a new project and I'm having difficulties to find info about devtools existing features. For instance : what are the 4 supported types (cli, micro, simple, modules) of the project command ?

$ ./phalcon.sh project

Phalcon DevTools (3.0.5)

  Creates a project

  project [name] [type] [directory] [enable-webtools]

  help  Shows this help text

  phalcon project store simple

 --name               Name of the new project
 --enable-webtools    Determines if webtools should be enabled [optional]
 --directory=s        Base path on which project will be created [optional]
 --type=s             Type of the application to be generated (cli, micro, simple, modules)
 --template-path=s    Specify a template path [optional]
 --use-config-ini     Use a ini file as configuration file [optional]
 --trace              Shows the trace of the framework in case of exception [optional]
 --help               Shows this help [optional]

Here is mainly about installing it : https://docs.phalcon.io/3.4/en/devtools-installation. Any lead about where to find further reading on the matter would be great.


You can check this doc about usage

About the type is what kind of project you want create. cli, multi/single or micro

Good luck