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Phalcon Debug Local Assets

Recently I was developing locally while offline traveling and noticed the Debug error page, which shows nicely styled detailed errors wasn't displaying properly.

Debug page is activated by:

$debug = (new \Phalcon\Debug())->listen(true, true);

This has a default address inside https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/phalcon/debug.zep of https://assets.phalcon.io/ which can be altered using:

$debug = (new \Phalcon\Debug())->listen(true, true)->setUri('/debug/');

Downside is knowing where to find these assets from and manually loading them into your local applicaiton's public folder. I found them scattered between branches and repos on github, I'm guessing due to a few different versions of the phalcon website / hosting arrangements...

I've collated these assets into a repository and listed on packagist for anyone else wanting these assets locally due to being either offline or making a secure / private project:


Any comments/suggestions on how to improve are welcome :)

Ah thanks David! Didn't know it was available...

I'll have a look as it would be nicer, at the moment my project is quite slim in the number of development tools used. However for larger projects having the bower file would definitely be a better option.