Phalcon: View Structure for Multiple Roles!!

Hi. I have a project, where users have multiple roles:

define ('GUEST',0); define ('ADMIN',1); define ('PRO',2);

Depending on the role, I want to pull a different view in some cases. I'm wondering the best way to structure the folder/files for the views.

Should each role have a folder, and I look to see if the view exists/if not go to the next role? Or do I do this with file names ->index_admin.volt, index_pro.volt?

To your taste. I would do through the folder, so for me it is more convenient. Less action extra.

If the pages are similar to each other, but the admin, for example, needs to display additional fields, then you should consider the access system and make a conclusion in the template:

{% if AUTH.isAllowController('logs', 'index') %}
    {# Show info for user #}
{% endif %}

The basis can be taken ACL

I would put as much as possible to layout files and just change layout files and maybe use blocks for any actual content which will differ.