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How do you view html images offline on mobile devices?

I'm creating a HTML project that I want to work offline. And be easily accessible (no need for users to download apps).

However, I've run into a problem. My images aren't showing up when I view the HTML file on my phone. I discovered I'm unable to download my work files as a single folder (I can only download them individually). It continues to work okay on Desktop, but I'm completely clueless how to get it to work on mobile the same way.

Any ideas /r/HTML? Or alternatives?

You can create a folder in say your public folder which will stores all your files. Then when you visit the page, you know what images are required in that page's HTML and copy them in that folder. Your HTML page then references that new public/images folder for the references. As such you will be able to view things offline.

Not perfect and adjustments will be required based on your needs but that is the concept.

What you're looking for is how to build an offline app. I believe it involves Service Workers and building an app manifest.