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Alternatives to Phalcon?

I've been using Phalcon for 3-4 montns now, and while I find it an awesome framework, I wonder if there's another framework for PHP that's low latency, low resource usage and is installed on the server rather than installed on the application

Also, while I'm at it, what do you guys think about Phalcon? Have you ever used it? Do you think it's just another framework or do you like the idea as well?


i think this is the only alternative https://github.com/laruence/yaf

Phalcon is good, but not perfect. But neither any other framework. As I walways say, phalcon is hardest to install but easiest to use, rest of the frameworks are easy to isntall but boy oh boy are there 1 000 000 composer packages that you need to check what the hell is going on there. But feel free to test everything, I still think its up to personal preference, some may like certant framework, others wont.

Phalcon is my best php framework. It is very flexible, allowing for creativity. You can easily add features using the service DI. There are many php frameworks but non is like phalcon.

I have been using Phalcon for the last 3 or 4 years, and there's not a better framework like it with low latency and low learning curve. I built a lot of financial systems working for the first shared hosting company in Brazil that offers Phalcon in a shared Hosting (Kinghost: https://phalcon.io/pt/hosting). I did suggest this (to offer Phalcon in shared hosting) and almost all company's developer has the same opinion about Phalcon.

I think the closer option is the https://github.com/laruence/yaf

Aside from being WAY faster than Laravel/Codeigniter/CakePHP, I like the fact that Phalcon is more like a toolkit than a full framework. In my very limited experience with Laravel, I found it forced me to do things a certain way. To me, Phalcon just provides a bunch of tools I can glue together how I want to build the application I want.

Swoole could be an interesting alternative, but it's main concern is providing a framework for async PHP applications. I dont know how mature it's facilities are.

Well there are frameworks based on swoole like swoft or easyswoole which you could try as well.

If you're looking for performance/latency, you can try Swoole-based framework. Swoole is an PHP networking framework aimed to replace the use of Nginx, Node.Js, Tornado,etc other non blocking web server.

There are several framework based on Swoole, one of them is (Phwoolcon)[https://github.com/phwoolcon/phwoolcon/] which combine Phalcon framework and Swoole as it's built-in web server (service mode)

you can try manaphp[https://github.com/manaphp/manaphp], which supports fpm and swoole coroutine.

fpm to develop, swoole to deploy ,,perfect!!