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Phalcon 4.0 realease date?

Hi, first of all good job guys you really putting a lot of effort in this revolutionary framework.

I have been playing around with 3.4 a bit and waiting for the new 4.0 version, is there a rough release date? I would like to start one project and it would be nice to know the date so i can plan. I saw project page with 500+ issues already fixed, good work: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/projects/3

If i start with 4.0 alpha version i guess i will have to rewrite a lot of code when 4.0 releases?


Niden discussed this during the hangout. It's depending a bit how fast the open issues can be resolved (like devtools etc). You can replay the video here Somewhere around 37 /38 minutes.

"Alpha" means things can, and likely will, change. There will almost certainly be changes in functionality before 4.0 gets to beta, let alone stable.

Unless this is a pet project you don't mind potentially overhauling multiple times, I'd stick with 3.4.x

We are currently working heavily on the documentation. There are a handful of cards that need to be addressed as well. We expect to release beta 1 this weekend.

Once all the documents are done and the supporting applications/devtools updated we will release v4 as stable. There is no point in releasing a new version if the docs are useless :)

This is the issue that we keep track of what has been left as far as the documents are concerned