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Protect image so that only auth user can access image - help!

When a user logs in they can view images they have uploaded (these images are not in a public folder), a user cannot see another users images.

In procedural php i can use something like this (i'll also check whether the user can have access to the image):

$file_path ='my-private-folder/avatar.jpg';
header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");

and then I would call it by <img src="image.php">

The problem i'm having is:

  1. The above would display a blank page and just the image, but I need this to be accessible so I can place the image in a table (ie. place the image in full web template wherever I want).

  2. I need to do the above in oop in phalcon, so how do I access the image from the view?


You can do the same with Phalcon:

class ImageController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller
    const IMAGE_MISSING = __DIR__ . '/../../../../../web/assets/image-missing.png';

    public function serveAction($id)
        $image = Image::findFirstById($id);
        $path = self::IMAGE_MISSING;
        if ($image) {
            if ($image->isLocal()) {
                $path = $this->config->application->imgDir . $image->getPath();
                if (!is_readable($path)) {
                    $path = self::IMAGE_MISSING;
            } else {
                $path = $image->getPath();
        $mime = mime_content_type($path);
        $baseName = basename($path);
        $disposition = 'inline';
        if ($this->request->hasQuery('download')) {
            $disposition = 'attachment';
        $this->response->setHeader('Content-Type', $mime);
        $this->response->setHeader('Content-Disposition', $disposition . "; filename=" . $baseName . "");

In case it's not clear to everyone, Lajos' code would be referenced in Volt like this:

<img src = "{{ url('/image/serve/23') }}" />