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How to prevent having to type full relative path to Model in WHERE/JOIN clause when using self-written PHQL

This is not an issue of utomst importance but more in the category of an annoyance, and we don't like those right?

How do I prevent having to type the full path to the folder where my models are located in JOIN and WHERE clauses when using self-written PHQL?

I want go from

            SELECT COUNT(*) AS count
            FROM \Apps\Source\Models\User AS u
            JOIN \Apps\Source\Models\UserCompany AS uc ON uc.userId = u.id
            WHERE u.companyId = :cid:         


            SELECT COUNT(*) AS count
            FROM User AS u
            JOIN UserCompany AS uc ON uc.userId = u.id
            WHERE u.companyId = :cid: 

Any ideas? All functions in the Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Manager seem to irrelevant when writing custom PHQL, which I like to do when writing longer queries.

Thx in advance.

edited Jul '19

You can either register your model namespace alias:

// usage:

or you can use PHP's magic class constant:


(i prefer the latter, since you can refactor and catch naming errors in the IDE)

edited Jul '19

The second example is still long, which I wanted to avoid, but I acknowledge the advantages you mention.

Using the colon character to trigger the alias is not mentioned in the documentation for the registerNamespaceAlias function. I had tried the function, but was not aware of having to use the colon. It should be added to the docs: https://docs.phalcon.io/3.4/de-de/api/Phalcon_Mvc_Model_Manager

Anyway, thanks!