What editors do you use for coding?


Very keen to know what Editors do you people use for Coding and Debugging PHP and/or Zephir.

I recently asked a query about Visual Studio Code debugging, nobody answered it. I thought it was preferred and popular editor among the community. I switched to VSCode from Notepad++ a few months ago as debugging PHP was very cumbersome in it.

Thanks, Amal

I personally use PhpStorm. I have it customized to my needs with a dark theme and the fact that I can run my tests as well as inspect my database saves me a lot of time. Additionally PSR enforcement and PHPMD are very nice things that come with it.

I also use it to edit the documentation using the built in markdown support


PhpStorm is worth the price. it's a no brainer.


yeah I agree phpstorm is one of the best tools at the moment. vscode comes second for me


vscode ftw, its free($) and it supports virtually any language.

phpstorm is the best, but it cost money

I use ActiveState Komodo IDE because that is what the company I work for was using.

So it's a case of using what you know! :)


I prefer to use Codelobster IDE. It includes a very advanced Phalcon plug-in.