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Maybe Bug in Paginator


I just want to list some items paginated. But items of the Page object are always empty but total-items shows the right count! Heres My Code:

        $movies = Movies::find(array(
                    "order" => "createdAt DESC"

        $paginator = new Paginator(array(
            "data" => $movies,
            "limit" => 10,
            "page" => $numberPage

        $this->view->page = $paginator->getPaginate();

In the View i just got:

          public 'items' => 
            array (size=0)
          public 'next' => int 1
          public 'first' => int 1
          public 'before' => int 1
          public 'current' => int 0
          public 'last' => int 7
          public 'total_pages' => int 7
          public 'total_items' => int 63

I've done it similiar to the Docs but it don't works?

Thanks for help.


You're on page zero, but it looks like the page numbers start at 1. Make sure $numberPage is always between 1 and total_pages.

It's soled! Pagenum must bi bigger then 0 !