I created a Phalcon environment with docker and installed DevTools with Composer.

Debian 10 (buster)
PHP 7.3.4-2
Phalcon 3.4.4
DevTools 3.4.0

After moving to the public directory on the guest machine, a new project was created.

cd / var / www / default / public_html
phalcon project test simple --enable-webtools

When you access localhost / test, Congratulations! Is displayed.

There is no problem so far.

When webtools is started (IP address is corrected), the style sheet is not reflected. When you view the source, there is

<link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text / css" href = "/ css / webtools.css? v = 3.4.0">

is what it reads.

The style sheet generated by the phalcon project command is


So it is not where the source shows. If I copy css, js folder under test / public to public_html, it will be displayed without any problem.

Copying these is a scheduled task, isn't I just aware of it?

There are other problems.

When accessing http: //localhost/test/webtools.php , the link destination of "Phalcon WebTools" on the upper left is this. http: //localhost/test/public/webtools.php/webtools.php

Click on it to refresh the page http: //localhost/test/public/webtools.php/webtools.php/webtools.php It becomes.

As long as refresh the page, webtools.php/ will be added and become longer. (This also applies to the menu links on the left.) I think this phenomenon is clearly strange.

Edit app/config/config.php

'baseUri' => preg_replace ('/ \ / public ([\ / \\\\]) (webtools | index) .php $ /', '', $ _SERVER ["PHP_SELF"]),

You can fix it by rewriting.

There is the others.

Using WebTools, we have successfully created a controller and a model. However, trying to run Scaffold fails.

In test/.phalcon/devtools.log

Sat 17 19:32:55 0fa544983405 php: [ERROR] Uncaught exception: Call to a member function path () on null in /opt/phalcon/vendor/phalcon/devtools/scripts/Phalcon/Builder/Scaffold.php on line 91

Will come out.

Since the connection destination information etc. is displayed by Scaffold/Generate, I think that config/config.php has been read without problems (as a matter of course because the model has been successfully generated) . Am I forgetting something I have to do?