Fatal error: Allowed memory size of (..) exhausted @ getContent()


I'm running Phalcon 3.4.4 on PHP 7.1.32. One page runs without any problems, but on one I get this error message from time to time:

€dit: I see its very small when embedded, so here is the direct link: https://i.imgur.com/GjMRNGj.png

Line 59 on index.php contains this, generated by phalcon --project [..], I just removed the stripping of \n, \r and \t.

echo $application->handle()->getContent();

Well, to this point, thats everything I can provide, since thats no code I wrote myself. Is it possible, that my other problem (see here: https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/19945/load-page-causes-php-to-crash-works-on-reload-then-crashes-again) is related to this?

Thank you.

edited Sep '19

It's hard to guess, obviously this action is doing something which is causing OOM. Best provide script to reproduce.