Full Time Phalcon Dev

Join the Dream Team

  • Full Time, Permanent Position
  • In-House location Altimonte Springs FL (10 Minutes from Orlando)
  • We do not develop for clients, there is a very low level of stress (Besides what you put on yourself).
  • Build in-house software.
  • We are a small passionate team looking to add cool people.
  • This is the best place I've ever worked.
  • I am not the hiring manager I am an employee here scouting for talent,
  • I get no referral bonus by referring anyone, my incentive is to help the company I love.

Skills Needed

  • BackEnd

    • Phalcon PHP
    • CodeIgniter Experience is important to maintain a large application we work on.
    • Laravel experience is good, but we are moving to Phalcon.
  • Linux Terminal
    • Git
    • SSH
  • Vagrant is a Plus
  • You are good at PHP Commenting
  • You can follow PSR standards

  • FrontEnd

    • CSS/HTML
    • Bootstrap3 or Semantic UI
    • jQuery
    • AngularJS (We are still learning it)

Company Perks

  • Competitive Salary (DOE)
  • 100% healthcare
  • No Timeclocks
  • Free Monthly Car Washes
  • No Daily Meetings
  • Regularly Paid Lunches
  • Monthly Company Lunches
  • Computer of your choice (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Lots of freedom
  • Work among friends
  • College degree not required, skill is!

If you love Programming

We love new ideas, new technologies, and we are not limited to being fixed in one way of thinking -- we all want to continue to grow. We are looking for someone ambitious and passionate above their craft. A sense of humor helps too but it's not required :)

If you are in the Orlando Area and interested:

  • Send resume
  • Github URL
  • Any other Portfolio Pieces

Thanks! Send Email to: Matthieu [email protected]


+1 Cool job, but I am Vietnames

Any chance you'd consider a remote worker? I would say I definitely fit the bill, but I'm based in Ireland. Here's a link to my Linked In profile: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/oscailte/

Hey, In another country you wouldn't get all the perks. This is a French based company which has a location in Barcelona, but the elite development team is in Orlando! Location is preferred in person, but you would have to see what Matthieu says, I'd just email him. I have no authority here :)


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