Generate PHP flat file Source Code (for sneaking at code)?

Hi, Phalcon documentation is great, but I'd like to be able to sniff around the source code to my liking. Now, would it be possible to generate, not only a C extension for PHP, but also flat file classes (like traditional frameworks) from the source files for me to look around in. And I imagine that people who are on shared hosts without root access would be able to use the framework as well – with some loss of performance of course.

Is this possible, and if how?

as you say, phalcon is written in C, so i dont think its possible to get source code in php ...

your best bet is generated phalcon ide stubs to check for methods/comments. other then that if you want to see inner working most readable part would be 2.0.0 git branch of cphalcon which is written in zephir ...

none of that can be used on shared hosting without installing, but thats compromise that must be accepted with phalcon

Learn C, or learn Zephir and wait for Phalcon 2. Zephir is much more palatable to a PHP developer than C.