Feedback for Phalcon MySQL PHP Project

Hello, I have a migration project coming up and want to ask for feedback for my concept and also would like to know if Phalcon is the right choice.

The client has a rather large database ( about 350 tables, some with around 100k datasets) in PostgreSQL 8 which is used by a stand alone application written in Pascal. This application is rather simple, it is just a frontend to the database with which you can create, modify, delete contents and print some info.

The new application is supposed to run as a web application. The most important things for the client are accessability and speed. The client wants / needs to redesign the database (drop few tables, modify some etc.), the frontend can be migrated 1:1, only with minor cosmetical mods.

So my concept is using PHP 7.3 (thread safe), MySQL 8.0 (using PDO, mysqlnd) and Phalcon 4.0, mainly because of the speed aspect. I would start by redesigning the DB and GUI in communication with the client, which I would like to use MySQL Workbench for (any better alternatives here?). Once the DB is finalized, I imagine to have a certain function / method in Phalcon to generate PHP code from the DB-Schema -- is this possible (any sources for that?)? The next step would be to customize and modify the automatically generated code and optmize it in terms of speed (any Phalcon specific sources available for optimization?).

I know the concept is very shallow but this would be my first Phalcon project so I only want to know if this is the way to go and if there are any pitfalls I need to take care of. If not, please hint me in the right direction, thanks.


its been said that "If you need more performance buy another web server. It’s cheaper than development." I would very much disagree on that. I think you are in the right direction. You cannot find any better than Phalcon in terms of speed and performance. In my opinion at least. As of PostgreSQL I can’t say anything about it as I know nothing about and definitely never used it before. first you need to create a new phalcon project using phalcon-devtools

phalcon project [name] [type]

then edit app/config.php to your desired database.

then create the scaffold from your project root:

cd [name]
phalcon scaffold

Scaffolding will save you time as it will create your models and basic create edit delete for both frontend and backend. check the documentation for more information