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Validation bug all required

Hi, I think the last update somehow made every model declared variable as required.

I'm Not sure how much was intended, but a simple CLASS extension of \Phalcon\Mvc\Model, with columns as variables from database, has all columns as required (not null or empty).

Is there a simple way to understand and update the code?

The best way is to downgrade?


4 has been out a while and this is the first I'm hearing of this, so my guess is this is a bug in your code. Could you post some example model code, and the definition of its corresponding table?

That was 16 days ago. But coincidentally, I tested it again yesterday, and it was the same.

Using 4.0.1 ok (nulls are not required) Using 4.0.4 not ok (nulls are required)

I haven't tested 4.02 and 4.0.3

I do use Postgresql 11, if it helps.

I saw the 16 day delay, but no one else had posted so I thought I'd add my 2 cents in case you were still stuck.

Does this apply to all columns? I see they fixed a bug with boolean types in Postgres in 4.0.4 - you may have found an unintended side-effect.

If your code is unchanged between your tests with 4.0.1 and 4.0.4, but you're getting different results, I suggest you put in a bug report.

I took some time to understand why some inserts and updates were done ok, and others not, and i did confirm that all nulls became required. Maybe it was just one of the symptoms, I don't realy know. As I said, with 4.0.1 it is ok.

I do remember that I noticed that it happend one day after some update. But I had no time, and the downgrade was (and stil is) my timing solution.

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I think having at least the option to do a "deep" validation would be helpful. It helps me make sure that the form and the labels are in sync (plus easier integration testing). In addition, this is an easy way to highlight all required/improper fields for the user UPSers.com