Phalcon 1.3 as FreeBSD port?

Hi everybody!

Thanks for a brilliant framework! Wisely done! The only thing i really can blame Phalcon for is its installation process. Phalcon 1.3 nicely runs under Windows 7 (however x64 binary refuses to work under Win7 x64, only x32 binary works) but still no port of Phalcon 1.3 for FreeBSD. Only 1.0 port is available. The absence of 1.3 port is now a real issue for me: having a new project perfectly running in my devel environment (Windows7 x64 LAMP + Phalcon 1.3) I cannot run it on my production server (FreeBSD + Apache/Nginx).

Dear Phalcon developpers, could You do some little magic for all of us and make a port of Phalcon 1.3 for FreeBSD? Thanx in advance!


Hello, the FreeBSD port is maintained by Daniel Lin, as I know the port takes the latest tarball from master and compiles it.


Thanx for the information but in my case it didn't help. My hoster's tech support answers that they need a Phalcon 1.3 install guide with no sudo/root access because root operations on that virtual host are forbidden due to security reasons. Maybe a pre-compiled could also be used.

The OS version for my production server: FreeBSD 8.4-amd-64-20130725

Could You also give more contact info on Daniel Lin? Would like to contact him directly.