Documentation Search Better Request

My colleague Mattieua Fauvau is troubled by searching the documentation. He is very hard to please. Is there any way to get documentation in another format, or a way to make it more searchable? Its sometimes hard to find what you are looking for (I prefer using the API Indice).

edited Apr '14

I promise, I am not trying to tooting my own horn or anything, but I put together a simple tutorial on using building a local copy of the Phalcon Docs using Sphinx. After you get comfortable with Sphinx, you might want to look into an extention for Sphinx called Find Anything. It allows for Sublime-Text style searching (ala search while you type.)

Just found it myself and want to look into it as well. Might be pretty sweet. Plus, just getting Sphinx installed, you can build the docs however you like. Hope this helps.