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How to install the old version of Phalcon(v1.x)

I am planning to migrate the legacy PHP Phalcon v1 project to a modern PHP project. The current production environment is PHP5, Phalcon v1.3. If possible, I want to build a development environment locally for Phalcon v1.3. Is there any way left for me to install the legacy Phalcon v1.x? I understand the resources published online are v3 and above. Any help will be appreciated.


I never tried to use an older version but i hope this can help you:

I suppose a faster way to do what you need is use windows if there is a compiled extension for that version or linux legacy installation.

Only install an old wampserver version (with php ~5.3), download extension 1.3.x , copy it to php/ext folder and load it.

On linux if legacy installation doesn't work or there isn't a compiled extension for windows maybe you will probably have more difficulties because when using older versions they are no longer supported/you will have to get dependencies.

Thank you for the comment. Sorry, I made a mistake. This post duplicates the following: https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/20437/how-to-install-phalcon-1x