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Zephir compile .dll

My php debugging setup is Netbeans , Xampp & XDebug on Windows 8 machine which gives the oportunity to auto_open the file in callstack . but :

  • if I use Zephir to build my_custom.so on a real Linux server I don't have the .dll equivalent for Windows.

So I ask : ? is it posible to install Zhephir on windows !!! ? is there a way to compile both .so and .dll on a Linux machine (with some C library additions) !!!



This is just my opinion. Play zephir with windows right now to difficult. I assuming running Zephir on Linux, and then you have source C so that used to windows

Also see https://www.sitepoint.com/getting-started-php-extension-development-via-zephir/


Hi @duythien, I read your blog at sitepoint. Definitely a good one.


@Duy hI back well done tutorial

k you're right I can take the source from linux and compile on windows but this is against Zephir philosophy ... program in ~php and don't care about C. I think that if i'm forced to bother with C libraries and compiling enviroment, and refresh all that language details I would prefer to write directly in C. I realy apreciate the zephir aproach but its success depends on beeing permisive (esp for variables) like php and cross platform on compiling .