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Forward with validation errors

Hi, I have 2 actions in controller.

signupAction and signupPostAction

in first is form view (based on phalcon Form class).

I action post I create signup form object and call to action isValid. If result this method is false. I'd like forward to signupAction, but with display errors.

In view I have form.message('name') and when validation is in action signupAction, messages are display.

How can I set same messages in forward or redicrec action?

Below is code of my messages method:

public function messages($name){
            foreach($this->getMessagesFor($name) as $message){

After modified class (form is as class property), I see errors. But still I think if is possible add only errors to forward.

Regards, Jarek


Did you mean: http://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/flash.html#implicit-flush-vs-session

use flash session so that you can display error after redirection.