What's your opinion about Phalcon PHP framework?

We're going to handle a client's project that is already using Phalcon Framework. TBH I just recently heard of it. I heard that it's fast because it's running in C? Aside from that, I was checking the repo and it's not as active as Laravel/Symfony. There are few good Docs/resources/tutorials that I can find, I'd appreciate if someone can point me to a good resource aside from the official doc. thanks!

I can suggest my example project : Phalcon Nova Mooc You can find in it Docker-compose/Dockerfiles to build the environnment. There are also tests with Cypress. The project is divided into two parts (API / Front). I also use JWT to login to the API.

You can also go to this repo Phalcon Awesome to discover other projects.

Phalcon's community isn't nearly as large as Laravel or Symfony. The docs are probably the best place to learn it is probably the docs. The docs are quite useful for learning the framework, as most pages are written as overviews of functionality.

One thing you may find is that Phalcon is more of a toolkit than Laravel. Your site/app is built by combining aspects of Phalcon together. While the individual components certainly do work well together, there seems to be less automation than Laravel.

Another thing you'll definitely notice is the speed - as you've mentioned. Laravel is one of the slower frameworks, Phalcon is consistently one of the fastest.