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phalcon extjs

Dear All,

I'm new in phalcon,

In one of my projects, the client ask us to use extjs in a phalcon project, after googling for a while, i just only found this :


Unfortunately, there is no README on how to get started to use it. Is there some one in this forums have experiences build phalcon powered application using ExtJS .. ?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards, Wildan

I have never used extjs to be quite honest. I tried looking into it once but got discouraged/distracted and never touched it.

I would assume that it is like any other JS framework out there. You just put the code you need in the view and it does its magic :)

I suggest browsing through their documentation to find what you need and then using that in your views.

He does not pulish his views in github...

But you can find how to load js and css here:


And in views, you can do what you can about ExtJS.

Hi guys, it's my module, but it only in first develop stage, and I don't write any docs, how to use it, but this module I'm using in some projects and I will continue update it and add new features. And right now I don't recommend using it in production.

Thanks you .., finally i'm using phalcon + extjs 4.2

Here is some links if there some one want to learn extjs ... (http://workshop.openthinklabs.com/resources/programming-language/web-development/client-side-programming-language/ext-js-bootcamp/tautan-eksternal)

Sorry, it's not phalcon spesific subjet.