devtools error: Unable to write to '../app/controllers/IndexController.php'

Hi, When I run "phalcon project anotherBlog --enable-webtools --use-config-ini", the devtool prompts following error: Error: Unable to write to '../app/controllers/IndexController.php'

While if I run "phalcon project anotherBlog --enable-webtools", the devtool will succeed. Does anyone know the fix?

I got the latest devtool from github dev-master. Thanks!

Hi. I think user does not have access to write the files in directory of the project. You may try to grant access to the directory, or make files accessible for write.

Look for commands chmod and chown.

For example: sudo chmod 775 /path_toproject/* -R

edited Apr '14

I typically do this on all my projects at first sight of a permissions issue:

sudo chown -R your username:www-data project-name

sudo chmod -R 775 project-name

where www-data is Ubuntu's default Apache user group.

This gives both you and apache permissions to edit the files.