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Dispatcher misbehavior.

Hello everyone, Hoping that all of you are safe and healthy. I am struggling with a dispatcher issue. Redirecting to a controller - action from volt files using forms or link_to is working smoothly, but is not working when I am using dispatcher forward from the controllers. In the addres bar the correct address must be localhost + domain + controller + action (localhost/aurora/session/index) as this particular case but when I need to dispatch to a different controller - action for instance controller=pedidos action=index the address bar shows localhost + domain + lastcontroller + controllor + action (localhost/aurora/session/pedidos/index). By the way this is an app that in its preious version works fine, but I am updrading the version using a different html theme and adding new features. I really appreciate your help.


Can you show the code that is doing the forward?

Also, just as an FYI, in Phalcon, a forward is an internal re-routing of a request that is invisible to the end user while a redirect causes the user's browser to make a new request to a new URL. It looks like you're wanting to do a redirect but you've used the term forward too. Just a heads up so you, and anyone else, doesn't get confused.