I have a table in my database :

    id | subscription_id | notification_id | created

nothing special in the model, just a columnMap for camelCase :

public function columnMap()
    return [
        'id' => 'id',
        'subscription_period_id' => 'subscriptionPeriodId',
        'notification_id' => 'notificationId',
        'created' =>  'created'

When I want to do a simple count :

                "subscriptionPeriodId = ?0 and notificationId = ?1",
                ApplicationEnum::BIND => [1, 1],

I get an error :

[Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Exception] Column 'ificationId' doesn't belong to any of the selected models (1), when preparing: SELECT COUNT(*) AS rowcount FROM [Models\SubscriptionNotification] WHERE subscriptionPeriodId = ?0 and notificationId = ?1

Same happens with the queryBuilder

    $queryBuilder = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder();
        ->where("subscriptionPeriodId = ?0", [$this->subscriptionPeriod->getId()])
        ->andWhere("notificationId = ?0", [$notificationId]);

    echo $queryBuilder->getQuery()->getSql(); die;

I'm feeling like there is a bad escaping and the 'not' in notificationId is considered as a mysql key word. It works if I put brackets around my column name. But isn't it a bug after all ? It's new since I made (yesterday) Phalcon v4.0 migration, I noticed it in my unit tests.

Thank you for guiding me to the best solution