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Using Vökuró - hint of composer that facebook/webdriver is abandoned

Hey there,

nice to have a topic to post here. Maybe someone had seen the hint of composer that tells

Package facebook/webdriver is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use php-webdriver/webdriver instead.

I figured out that codeception had an major update from "^3.1" towards "^4.1.6", so I'll change that in composer.json. (this will also need to install "codeception/module-phpbrowser", currently at "1.0", and "codeception/module-asserts", currently at "1.2") I think I will also upgrade phalcon/ide-stubs to "4.0.6".

So before I do that - here's my question: Has anybode had issues using Vökuró or starting new project with Vökuró and got troubles? I just started and also started to get env running and will show results later :)

Oh, and I'll use php 7.4.6 with phalcon 4.0.6.

Great Work @PhalconTeam! :o)

And now, nice rest oft weekend to everybody :o)

Good Evening,

so, I have created a pull request - but it ran into error with Psalm and PHPStan. I'll read further on that, but imho I have no Idea atm :-/

Greets, Marco