Hey there :)

anyone tried to use Vokuro and add some new pages with webtools and liked to use scaffold? So, I use Windows with php 7.4.6, phalcon 4.0.6 with devtools 4.0.3. In command line I got

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Vokuro\root_path() in C:\git\hub\voluntary-assistance-planning\config\config.php:29

In firefox localhost/webtools.php has a blank page with no messages.

Thats short to the symptoms.

Topic behind: Vokuro uses a Helper.php for the function "root_path()" - so root problem found to solve?

So first step was to get rid of that for a while - Done that by using BASE_PATH defines...

But blank page still there :-/

Okay, long story short: My solution working to use webtools:

I use a "static" config - just while using scaffold.

And: I had to change the return from "return [...];" to "return new \Phalcon\Config([...]);" -- make an instance ;)

Why? Okay, look Vokuro-Projects ConfigProvider.php line 45 ;)

Okay, now Webtools works and I'll use scaffold this evening - maybe I get another idea to just put that into webtools.config.php - then I can push my next pull request to vokuro :)

I like phalcon <3

Hope you enjoyed reading on any questions, let me know, or maybe someone else answers? why not ! :))

Stay healthy everybody :)