Where is the reply?

I was notified by email that a reply was posted, so I go to the link provided in the email, but sometimes I can't find the reply. Why is this?

When I log in to the forum, the "notifications" menu has an icon, and the notifications page also shows the reply. Does that mean the reply was deleted before I saw it? Has it been deleted, but remains on the notifications page?

Probably deleted, ive encounterd the same sometimes.

Yes, probably deleted. Sometimes spammers get in, but they're often deleted right away.


I see, I'm not the only one. The same thing just happened. There was a reply with a link I didn't understand, and after a little research, it was deleted when I returned. The notification still has a description of the reply, but it is not on the question page, so I was convinced of the situation. Thank you very much.