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Easy Apache to install phalcon

Hello my dears. As the first question and introduction to friendship: I use a shared hosting for Phalcon. When I applied to install Phalcon, "Phalcon 3.4" was installed for me. It was said that Phalcon 4 is not supported in easy apache. Please help me to install Phalcon by easy apache so that I can guide them!!! Thanks in advance

Check if in that panel you can install custom extensions for php, if not, they definitely do not support custom extensons in their plans.

They are not against installing the plugin, but the problem is that they use Easy Apache to install the plugin and say they can not install version 4.1 Phalcon with Easy Apache. They only have version 3.4. I think I should recommend adding the PECL plugin to Easy Apache. Falcon installation is done with PECL ??? !