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Phalcon PHP post link with JavaScript confirmation dialog

I am developing a CRUD system in Phalcon PHP (version 1.3.4).

My goal is to create a link (delete row), that asks for confirmation on click (JavaScript confirmation box) and then goes (request type POST) to the link.

So lets say a user clicks on the "delete row" button.

JavaScript confirmation "Are you sure you want to delete this row?" User clicks "yes" Webpage does a POST to "/users/delete/1" I know CakePHP has a function (FormHelper::postLink()) that does exactly that.

I was wondering if Phalcon PHP also had a function like this.

This looks kind of spammy.

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Phalcon, first of all, is an skeleton framework... So this specific feature isn't implemented inside it.

For your case, you can have x2 options to do:
1) Create POST route /delete and call it via AJAX request inside your javascript logic (jquery example: $.post('/delete/1', function() {modal.close()}))

2) Inside your modal, create form with <form action="/delete/1" method="post"> and the submit button with "Delete" label and during the click on it - submit the form.