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Will phalcon4 support PHP8?

Just want to know

Yes, work in progress.

Actually, no it won't. According to that issue, only PHP 7.* will be supported by Phalcon4. Phalcon5 will start support for PHP8.

@Dylan, there are work in progress, check https://github.com/phalcon/zephir/tree/php8 branch of Zephir. Also check my link from post above. I'm keep it with latest information.

It seems that you guys are working on Zephir support for PHP8, which is great. Does that mean that there will be support for Phalcon 4 (cphalcon) and PHP8?

On the other hand Phalcon 5 won´t use Zephir, correct? Or will there be a Phalcon 5 (cphalcon version) using Zephir? I am confused : )

Thanks for all your efforts!

There will be release 4.2 for cphalcon with PHP8 support.

Phalcon v5 will be >=7.4 for more linear transition.