Anyone can help me how to select last 5 row from mysql but order by id ASC

SELECT AS m_id, m.from_user_id AS from_id, m.to_user_id AS to_id, m.body AS body, DATE_FORMAT(m.created,'%d %b') AS created, DATE_FORMAT(m.created,'%h:%i %p') AS time, m.is_read AS is_read, u.username AS username, AS user_id, u.profile_image AS image FROM JunMy\Models\Messages AS m INNER JOIN JunMy\Models\Users AS u ON(m.from_user_id = WHERE m.message_id='$id' ORDER BY ASC LIMIT 5

It wil display like this:

id: 6 7 8 9 10

similar to facebook messages, newest will show on bottom...