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Volt's compatibility with MongoDB

Hello folks,

i'm using PhalconPHP with MongoDB and find some kind of issue, i think.

I have a collection like this:

someKey: {

When i try to access the "anotherKey" with Volt, it just don't works...:

{{myControllerVar.someKey.anotherKey}}, {{myControllerVar.normalKey}}

The "normalKey" appears normally but "anotherKey" don't. Is it a bug? Or there is another way to access subkeys in Volt's engine?

Found another quirk...

When i try to print the "_id" value in Volt's view, if i use: json {{ product._id }} it throws me this error (obviously the cause is the underline bad interpretation):

PhalconException: Parsing error before 'id }}'

and even if i use the braces type json {{ product['_id'] }} it don't throws any error, but don't print any rows bellow the first one.

Any ideas?


It seems you're running an old version, check this gist out

It's compiling without problem:

Regarding the collection, if you're accessing an object, you must use . (dot) and if you're accessing arrays you must use square brackets [ ]

The problem was the version, i was using Phalcon version 0.9.1.

I've updated to 1.0.1 and now its working without problems... thanks!