Phemo app = Phalcon (speed) + Symfony (flexibility) + Yii (simplicity)

Hi guys!

I published small Phalcon project on github

Purpose Phemo - to make the initial structure of your project, which uses the framework Phalcon. Structure similar to Symfony and Yii. Uses the best approaches of these frameworks.

Phemo now consist of three modules:

  • PhemoApp - is main, contains some demo and examples: CRUD, how use bundle, widget, assest.
  • Phemo - is small kernel, with support bundles.
  • PhemoWidgetsBundle - embodies grid widget. It's module depends on the Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

PHP Composer used for manage dependencies between modules.

Phemo formula = Phalcon (speed) + Symfony (flexibility) + Yii (simplicity) = PROFIT!!!

What do you think about Phemo?

Now project is in deep develop ;) Does anybody want to join in the development of a widgets?

Thank you for attention!