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include js file according to there controller and action name

I am using phalcon php framework for my application.

This application is verry interactive using javascript verry often.

Is there an class / service that also wil include the js controller according to there name, else if it's not found include the 'main' javascript file?

For example I am requesting the url:

So phalcon will execute the searchController with the indexAction including the parameter.

The data returned from the indexAction function will be passed to the views.

The view will also include js/search/index.js

(maybe additionally including a css file css/search/index.css!?)

Is there a function for this type of hierarchy functionality for js?

edited Apr '14

there is no such funtionality built in as far as I know .. but you can maybe do something like this when setting up your assets service in services.php -> https://fixee.org/paste/oqh42gc/

this is untested, but should work

@digitronac It's not an official forum policy, but it's probably best to stay away from Internet speak (ie: afaik), simply because not everyone on these boards has English as a first language, and might not understand what terms like that mean.

@quasipickle okay, i usually hang out on phalcon's irc channel so i suppose i got used to it :)