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How do I reset persisted data in memory without restarting my machine

I found that if I did something like this...

$this->persistent->acl = NULL;

... then I found I could cause an unrecoverable error.

The error then persists. I thought I might be able to break the persistence and recover by restarting apache but this didn't work.

The only way I knew besides possibly restarting my machine was to do the following:

$this->persistent->acl = new Phalcon\Acl\Adapter\Memory();

This then opens a path to setup my Access Control List.

My question is without using code how can I reset persistent variables in phalcon bad examples aside?


Without using code? You can't.

I believe the persistence is stored in $_SESSION by default, so visiting a page that calls session_destroy() might work.


Thanks had a look and there it is.

Killed it using:



Also I have used:


but I think $this->session->destroy(); is the right way to do it.