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Is there an easy way to encode my phalcon project?

I want to encode my phalcon project to sell it, is there an easy way to encode my phalcon project, and protect my codes?

Hi @Ray Kwok,

Zephir lang would be a solution on how to protect your code. More about this discussion at this post: https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/1518/compile-php-code-protect-software-from-distribution


But I must rewrite in Zephir. I just want to protected my project which is using phalcon.


It is not just the job of the framework. try googling for 'php obfuscator'. Keep in mind that it is impossible to protect your code if the attacker has enough experience in cracking.

elso PHP encoding and obfuscation tools often require an encoder to be installed on their servers, which your clients have to install before they can use your code and as already said, you cannot 100% protect your code.