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question about which cache to use


I have a phalcon website on php 5.6 running with opcache on a nginx server. It works fast and stable, but allthough i have some questions about caching.

In the documentation I see that phalcon supports different caching mechanisms like APC, XCache, Memcache & file. What i've read on several websites is that opcache can be assumed as a 'successor' of APC and opcache will be delivered as standard in current and future php releases.

Question 1. Should i still need a caching mechanism to cache extra data or is it not necessary if my application uses zend opcache?

Question 2. There is a user cache for opcache called APCu what seems to be a replacement of APC for opcache users (allthough still beta), does anybode has experience with APCu and is this compatible with the Phalcon Backend and frontend APC cache?


My answer to your Q1 is yes. You should use cache whenever you can to further speed your application.

Zend opcache is a component that was built by developer X who has no idea of what you are building. The algorithm behind this component could very well help and serve most of your application's needs but not all of them. The remaining caching needs to be programmed by yourself. An example would be frontend cache for pages that do not change, datasets that again do not change etc.

Q2 I have no idea - never used it. :/