how to trouble shoot installation problem

hi, it is weird. I have an NB and a PC, both running Windows7. My NB use bitnami WAMP (php 5.4.26), and I can successfully finish setup Phalcon (the extension dll, vc9 x86).

However, on my PC, I tried the same steps, but I cannot setup Phalcon extension (by looking print_r(get_loaded_extensions()); no error message, the extension is not in the list either.

I tried also XAMPP, both php 5.5(VC11) and 5.4(VC9). It both told me php5.dll error.

Any help?

edited Apr '14

What's on your PHP info screen?


(the top bit mainly)

oh, thank you. I finally figure it out myself. For the Windows DLL download page:

I don't know why, but I have to choose the proper file WITHOUT "NTS". Then it will work.


You may now know this but for the sake of people landing here via google: What compiled it (VC9 or V11), whether it's 64bit or not and thread safety is important. In PHP Info you will see what it was compiled with and if thread safety is enabled or not. If it is enabled then you DO NOT want the .dll's with nts in the filename.

So, for example, in my case I have a 32bit WAMP installed, compiled with VC9, running PHP 5.4 and with thread safe enabled; so I would choose Windows x86 for PHP 5.4.0 (VC9) for my WAMP.