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Phalcon 1.1 beta released!

After ​our successful 1.0 release, we continue improving Phalcon ​with our latest release 1.1.0 (beta). In this article, we’re highlighting the most important features introduced.

  • QueryBuilder paginator
  • Beanstalkd Queuing client
  • Encryption
  • Assets Management
  • Hostname routing
  • and more


Great! Thanks!!!!!


@dschissler PHP 5.5 introduces a new API to use blowfish password hashing in an easier way, which in fact is the same as Phalcon\Security is currently providing, however, they're using a procedural style (again) instead of using an OO API. So, we could internally replace the use of bcrypt in PHP 5.5 to use the new API but I think the result will the same

edited Oct '14

Actually password_needs_rehash() provides the same functionality as Phalcon\Security::isLegacyHash, it just checks if the hash starts with a common crypt's convention, as we only support blowfish, it only checks for that algo

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